Sunday, February 1, 2015

Random musings

From the moment we learned to take our first step, next instinct was to continue taking another step, and another, and another, until we reach mommy's hand and giggle our way with our achievement. Everything begins with a first step, as the old adage says.

In learning our first steps, we trip, stumble, lose our balance, and fall to the ground. We cry at first, but somehow we learn and pick ourselves up and try again. This time, our destination isn't just mommy's arms. It can be a toy, a chocolate, or towards a favorite aunt or grandma. The more we got used to walking, we then turn it up a notch and learn how to run.

And with learning to run, we go through the same learning cycle. Only this time, since we've picked up speed, falling down means bigger bruises and cuts and wounds.

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