Monday, April 26, 2010

The girl in the red hat....

... touched my life in a way that I least expected.

She was just passing by
And wanted a place to stay.
She said it'll only be for awhile
She would go and I, on both our individual ways.

I did not realize
Nor completely fathom
As the days passed,
We were both all around the city and doing a roam.

I started to see again,
The world through her eyes.

Why, such short a stay,
And a stranger she is,
Moved me this way?

Time passed and she had to go,
We bade our goodbyes and well-wishes
And I waved to the girl with the red hat.
Went back to my home, back to a quiet flat.

I wonder, for someone I barely knew,
Why am I enveloped with a certain sense
of sadness, of loss?

Slowly dawning in my head,
She reminded of what I was,
What I dreamed of,
What I had hoped to be,
When I was of her youth.

She reminded me,
Of what I was.
What I loved about life
And living.

She reminded me of that part of myself
I have lost
As I started living in this world.

The girl in the red hat.
I'll never be the same again after that.