Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm 32

I'm 32 and I'm looking for you.
Every nook and every crate,
Night and until the morning dew.

I'm 32, back then I knew I found you.
Not even searching
But then again onto my doorstep you flew.

Before I was 32, I have found you.
Met so many..
But none of them was close to being you.

Before I was 32, I had you.
I was happy with the life I had
And planned on sharing more with you.

Before I was 32, you had me, and I had you.
I've never loved anyone
As much as I loved you.

Before I turned 32, I somehow saw I don't know you
Anymore; the way I used to.
Somehow, you didn't seem to know me anymore, too.

Shortly before turning 32, I lost you.
Broke my heart to pieces
As I lost myself too.

Close to being 32, I knew I already lost you.
As time flew,
I know, I could never have you. Anymore.

And here I am, almost 32,
I find myself out there
Still looking...... for someone like you.

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